Our Mission:

Saving Lives on the Water

Our Mandate:

  • To answer the ancient and compelling call for community members to come to the aid of seafarers, individuals, or coastal communities in times of need, distress, or disaster.

Our Vision:

  • To be well-trained, non-paid professionals providing a high standard of community-based marine safety services.

Our Values:

  • Safety: Marine safety is our top priority and is at the forefront of all of our activities.

  • Service: Serving the marine communities and visitors to Howe Sound and its islands, Georgia Strait and the communities from Port Mellon to Davis Bay are at the heart of what motivates our volunteer members.

  • Professionalism: Meeting the professional high standards for knowledge, skill, and ability in our operations directs our training, procurement, activities, and daily personal conduct.

  • Community: Contributing to the confidence of those who use, enjoy, and earn a living from our majestic marine environment through rescue operations, marine safety education, community outreach, and youth engagement.