About Us

Gibsons Marine Rescue Society /
RCMSAR Station 14

Following in the centuries old tradition of coastal communities coming to the aid of seafarers in trouble, the Gibsons Marine Rescue Society is a 100% community-based volunteer organization that formally enables the operation of our local Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue unit, known as RCMSAR Station 14.  Both the Society and the Rescue Unit were established in 1977 to provide marine emergency rescue services for the southern portion of BC's Lower Sunshine Coast and nearby islands.  The Rescue Crew, Support Crew, and the Society and Board (affectionately known as the Shore Crew) are all volunteers living or working in the Gibsons or Roberts Creek communities.

RCMSAR Station 14 is the operational arm of the Society charged with responding to rescue tasking received from the Canadian Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC).  We operate in conjunction with the Canadian Coast Guard and under procedures established through the province-wide Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCMSAR) organization.  While we work closely with the Canadian Coast Guard, we are not a government organization and we receive only limited government funding.

In addition to our Station's primary role in responding to marine emergencies, we engage in public education and community outreach activities to help reduce the risk of such incidents.  Emergency Management BC (EMBC) may also call upon us to provide emergency humanitarian assistance in times of disaster. 

Raising the funds necessary to operate RCMSAR Station 14 falls to the broader membership and Board of Directors of the Gibsons Marine Rescue Society (GMRS).  Funds are raised entirely through community donations and grant applications.  The GMRS is a registered charitable organization in Canada (Canada Revenue Agency Charity Number 81033 7311 RR0001) and all donations are tax-deductible.  

If the work that we do inspires you to help, please consider joining the Rescue Crew, Support Crew, or Shore Crew, or financially supporting us through a donation.  For more information, please see our  Join Us or Help Us  pages.